The Institute for Culturally Restorative Practices

ICRP in brief

The Institute for Culturally Restorative Practices

Resources The Institute for Culturally Restorative Practices seeks to provide Indigenous ways of knowing into service delivery systems, with the desire to create better outcomes for children, youth, families, communities, and Nations. As a result, the Institute will provide resources that can and will help your organization or community through the change process.

The Institute for Culturally Restorative Practices provided links to articles and sample power point slides on culturally restorative practice. This resource section is an opportunity for readers to learn Indigenous pedagogical approaches to helping an Indigenous family. Culturally restorative approaches are highlighted in this section.

The Institute will be posting additional resources in the near future for the reader’s review.

The Resource website page is designed to promote culturally restorative practice, and includes as a highlight – Cultural Attachment Theory – as its center blog. This blog is meant to discuss how cultural is alive and breathing in Indigenous Nations. Each Indigenous Nation has its own unique way of describing their cultural practice and tribal way of knowing. This knowledge and discussion is an important part of cultural attachment in practice. In service organizations, there is the general need to bring about these cultural structures and activities so we can support a child and families life way otherwise called ino’idiziwin.