The Institute for Culturally Restorative Practices

ICRP in brief

The Institute for Culturally Restorative Practices

The Institute for Culturally Restorative Practice is committed to supporting the development of culturally safe programs. Creating cultural safe environments requires a change in beliefs, attitudes, quality service improvement, values, and at times change to organizational culture and structure.

The Institute provides organizations with the opportunity to increase their effectiveness and viability when working with Indigenous peoples. In order to adapt to the cultural safe environment, the Institute offers the following organizational development programs:

Environmental Scans and Program evaluations

The Institute for Culturally Restorative Practices offers environmental scans and program evaluations. Environmental scans are a way to understand your organization's internal needs and assets, and the external environment in which you’re operating. The Environmental scans provide information that can help your agency form its vision, and identifies its cultural safe potential.

Program evaluations are a method of gathering information to analyze the effectiveness of programs and services offered. The Institute provides opportunities for culturally restorative models of program evaluations, and provides specific culturally safe recommendations for organizational change.