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The Institute for Culturally Restorative Practices

Estelle Simard
Boozhoo, Aaniin, my name is Estelle Simard, and I am the executive director of The Institute for Culturally Restorative Practices.

Firstly, I would like to say, I am from the Anishinaabe Nation, from the territory of Treaty #3, and a member of Couchiching First Nation.

The Institute that I have created is under a sole proprietor management, with registration in the Strategy for Aboriginal Business (PSAB). In addition, my organization has registration in the Aboriginal Business Directory (ABD). I have worked with Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal stakeholders in areas of child welfare, children's mental health, professional development seminars, and organizational development.

Much of my experience is in the culturally competent management of integrated children's mental health and child welfare services. In that respect it is easy to see that restorative processes are a part of the work I have done with Aboriginal people for a number of years. I have supervisory, policy analysis proficiency, clinical services expertise, financial expertise, program development, monitoring, impact evaluations of governmental program related services, and I have specialized in family preservation strategies by incorporating cultural activities into service delivery and practice.

I have presented at National and International forums on restorative practices on 'cultural attachment theory' and 'culturally restorative practices'. I am currently pursuing a professional degree as Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership: Curriculum and Instruction with the University of Phoenix. This is an exciting experience with many opportunities. As a doctoral student, I come with a rich resource of academic literature to promote the evaluation to higher levels of academic research and standards.

I have received my Master of Social Work degree from the University of Minnesota Duluth, and believe I have a solid foundation from which to build an excellent restorative practice framework in working with Aboriginal stakeholders. I am very interested in culturally restorative practice and support organizations that embrace the same interests. I have contributed to publishing articles, and have published a co-authored article on Aboriginal best practice.

Further, I am presently working on a manuscript for publication in summer 2011. These articles are located within an academic journal and can be found under the Articles section.